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Here, therefore, the human mind has no opportunity of seeing any Species, or Universal Nature. Whatever ideas it has, therefore, of such beings, for it plainly has them, it must derive from the memory of what it has seen, in some former period of its existence, when it had an opportunity of visiting the place or Sphere of Universals. For some time after it is immersed in the body, during its infancy, its childhood, and a great part of its youth, the violence of those passions which it derives from the body, and which are all directed to the particular and individual objects of this world, hinder it from turning its attention to those Universal Natures, with which it had been conversant in the world from whence it came.

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The Ideas, of these, therefore, seem, in this first period of its existence here, to be overwhelmed in the confusion of those turbulent emotions, and to be almost entirely wiped out of its remembrance. During the continuance of this state, it is incapable of Reasoning, Science and Philosophy, which are conversant about Universals. View All. View Category.

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Essays on Philosophical Subjects by Adam Smith

London: for T. Cadell Jun.

Davies, et al. First edition of this scarce posthumous collection of Smith's essays, featuring the important first publication of History of Astronomy that seeks "to explain what drives 'philosophers' to ask the questions they do," an impressive wide-margined volume, handsomely bound. Though Essays on Philosophical Subjects appeared five years after Smith's death, most were likely written before the publication of his Theory of Moral Sentiments in Essays was compiled by his literary executors, physicist Joseph Black and geologist James Hutton.

Prior to his death Smith "instructed them to destroy his manuscripts but allowed them, at their discretion, to publish a set of essays" Berry, Cambridge Companion , As noted herein, Smith had begun work early in his career on "a connected history of the liberal sciences and elegant arts," but "found it necessary to abandon that plan as far too extensive.